Unidentified Photographer

Aztec Calendar, Mexico City, mounted in the side wall of the Cathedral of Mexico City

ca. 1839
Image: 15.5 x 20.5 cm (whole plate)

Defender Photo Supply Co., American, 1899 - 1945

Chromatone display
ca. 1940
color print, assembly (Chromatone) process

Alvin Langdon Coburn, British, b. United States 1882 – 1966

Miss Morris and Class ca. 1922

digital positive from original negative, gelatin on nitrocellulose roll film

Charles Chusseau-Flaviens
Espagne St Sebastienca. 1908 negative, gelatin on glass

Edward J. Kelty, 1888-1967, Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus, 1931, gelatin silver print

Dr. Arthur Traub (German, 1878-1948)
Tatoo on man’s back: “Oh God!/What an Ox, I am/ Such an idiot”
ca. 1925

color plate, assembly (Uvachrome) process

Nancy Newhall (American, 1908-1974) R. Buckminster Fuller at Black Mountain College, 1948, digitally inverted positive from the original negative, Gift of Christi Newhall, © Estate of Nancy Newhall

Happy Pi Day!!

Roger Fenton (British, 1819-1969) (Top) Sebastopol from Cathcart’s Hill, (Bottom) Balaklava, Looking Seaward, 1855, salted paper prints, printed 1856, Museum purchase; ex-collection of Alden Scott Boyer, George Eastman House Collection

Originally a barrister, Roger Fenton studied art with Gustave LeGray at the studio of Paul Delaroche in Paris.  He exhibited at the Royal Academy, 1849-1851. His book—Photographs of the Crimean War, 1855-1856—consisted of tipped in salted paper prints. Fenton was sent to the Crimea by the British Government in 1855 and brought back the first photographs of a war zone. 

Charles Chusseau-Flaviens (French, active 1900-1919) Russian, ca. 1900-1919, negative, gelatin on glass, gift of Kodak Pathe, George Eastman House Collection