We recognized the birthdays of two important photographers this week and today we have another birthday to celebrate; Eastman House’s Head Archivist, Joe Struble, is 65 today. Joe has been at the Museum for 24 years and during that time he has helped countless researchers, enlightened thousands of students and passed on his knowledge of the collection and its wonders to everyone who passes through the door of the Gannett Foundation Photographic Study Center. The photographs featured in this post are some of his favorites from the collection. Happy Birthday, Joe!

From top:

A.B. Tubbs (American, 1801-1870) Portrait of James Bennett and his wife, ca. 1850, daguerreotype, gift of Donald Weber, George Eastman House. 

Lewis W. Hine (American, 1874-1940) N.Y. Tenement Family Gets Fresh Air on a Hot Day, ca. 1910, gelatin silver print, transfer from the Photo League Lewis Hine Memorial Committee; ex collection Corydon Hine, George Eastman House.

Geneviève-Elisabeth Disdéri (French, 1817-1878) Cimétière de Plougastel, Groupe de Paysans, 1856-1858, albumen print, gift of Eastman Kodak; ex collection Gabriel Cromer, George Eastman House.

Hill & Adamson (Scottish, active 1843-1847) Mrs. Logan, Mrs. Seton and Two Unknown Men, Newhaven, ca. 1845, salted paper print, gift of Alden Scott Boyer, George Eastman House.

Arthur Rothstein (American, 1915-1985) Garrett County, Maryland, 1936, gelatin silver print, exchange with Roy Stryker, George Eastman House.

Frederick H. Evans (British, 1853-1943) Kelmscott Manor: Attics, 1896, platinum print, purchased from Gordon Conn, George Eastman House. 

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